When Nimura was looking for a book that he found before, he then found a weird book there. It was a book with Hikari name on it. He didn't think that he saw that book before. Maybe he just didn't saw it before. He then picks it up and going to see what is written in it. Maybe it got something to do with the upcoming quest that they need to do. He just thought if he should call Hikari and Neu over. But maybe he shouldn't because he know that both of them were taking a rest for now. So he just read what was inside the book by himself.

" 28 August 2014,

This is Hikari. It was not a date that I write this letter. But It was a date on when did a miracle things happened. So, I want to write and tell someone that I wrote this letter about the day that make me happy and excited. I hope that we can share this happiness together. But it seems like- No, it was impossible I think. I don't know myself. So here, on that day there were a lot of things that happened and I never r
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