"All of you, no matter what did happen in my life. all of you is the one who always is with me. Sometimes, there was something that I want to face by myself. I say to you that you shouldn't get involved in my problems. But, you didn't agree with it. All of you... still wants to help me."

Ageru put her hand on Hikari. She says to Hikari "Because there was something that you gave us and we can't pay back for it till now. So, by helping you. maybe that can make us feels like we're paying you back for it. I don't know if you already forgot about this. But this is the truth." Hikari didn't think that he helps them a lot until they owe him. There were things that they can't do, So they ask Hikari for that. But Hikari already tells them that he will do all of his best to help everyone and makes everyone happy. Even it was by sacrificing himself. Ageru knows about his promises to Syurihata. It doesn't like Syurihata told him to kill himself or something. B

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