suddenly a cloud becomes dark and it looks like the rain will drop. So, Ageru told Neu to get into the lift and return to his room. Ageru says to Neu that she will continue it on another day. Neu was wondering why she just didn't tell him about it when they're inside the lift. But it was a girl, So Neu understands it now.

When Ageru was waiting inside the lift, She messaged Hikari. She says to Hikari that she go out with Neu and he looks like that he can be trusted. But Hikari replied, "So, you're trying to make Nimura jealous?" Ageru was so weird with that. She quickly asks Hikari "What the heck with that?! I- I just his friend, right?"

"Hehe, his friend or....."

"Shut up, I'm not like you. It's better than you! Having a problem with a girl."

"Don't say that to me!! Just who told me to do that?"

"Ehhhh?? But you just grateful when we give it to you."


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