"Don't mad at me, I just think that maybe it was a good way for us. Because... We're a team, right?"

Three of them just looked at him and it causes him freezes. Hikari didn't say anything about it and just wait for them to give a response from what did he just talked about. Neu asks Hikari "Both of you didn't plan for this to happen right?" Hikari just nodded his head and they started to think about it. Hikari was out of idea about what makes them think like that. He just got a bad feeling about it for some reason. But he just hoping that nothing would happen.

Neu walked ahead and says "I know that it was not a bad idea at all. But what will happen if we combine it?" Nimura and Sabu-sama started to figure it out while Hikari just stands still and looking at them. Yami asks Hikari "Hey, stop acting like this. You're making me feel uncomfortable. Want me to take a turn?" Hikari quickly disagrees with it and just wait for their re

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