That man let the audience know about the story that has been made by all of those groups. But it seems like the story that they make will be shown to them. Neu and Nimura take that chance to read a story that has been edited by Hikari to see about Hikari potential in writing a story. Since Akaru tell them that Hikari was good at it. They just hope that nothing bad will happen.

The members of the other party meet with Hikari and got a question for him. It causes he was busy with it. Maybe it because of everything that just happened back then. Because it was weird when the host talks a lot just only with them.

"Hey, It was weird when someone like you got attention from someone like the host. Did both of you know each other?"

Hikari shooked his head and tell them that it was not like what did they're thinking about. Hikari says to them "Calm down, Calm down! I'm not going to win thi

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