When they were quiet about it, the host then tells everyone that the time has ended and all of them need to stop doing their work. Then the host gives them a speech.

"So, everyone. Here I am going to tell you that the time of the event has ended. I hope that all of you have prepared to submit your work to us. We have actually expected a good story from all of you. There is a person who actually was really excited to come here and look at your work the next day. But we keep the identity of that person as unknown. Maybe the appearance of that person would give you a surprise. By this word, I hope that all of you will greet our guest tomorrow."

Just after they hear that the host told them to leave that place and return to their home. But before they leave, Hikari asks the host "Sorry, If you already tell us about this and I forgot about it. But what did happen to the rest of the other team that we saw yesterday?" The host then tells Hikari that he does not n
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