Reach for A star
Reach for A star
Author: Ebrus999


• Nicole's POV •

"I'll miss you Charles" I said as Charlie engulfed me in his bone crushing, soul draining hugs, One of the things I'll miss about him.

"I'll miss you too nikky, now try not to kill anyone while am away" he said while still hugging me.

"I can't make promises, you know I hate people" I grinned at him.

"Just stay out of jail, okay?" He said looking all serious.

"Fine, I promise I'll stay out of jail" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"I'll really miss you nikky, a lot" he signed pulling me in for another hug.

"Why can't you just come to college with me?" He whined 

"Because I have a year to spend at hell school remember?" I reminded him

"Speaking of high school, it's your final year nikky, please try to get a life?" He said still hugging me

"Hey! You're saying it like I'm some nerd!" I shouted at him

"Being a lone wolf is not good for you, especially now that I'm not gonna be around" he countered, pulling me back with his hands on my shoulder.

"Cousin, you know am too bad to make friends" I replied 

"Make an effort will you?" He said staring at me with puppy eyes

"Fine" I replied giving him a blank stare

"Good, now I better go pack my magazines of Tyler Miller " he says giddily

"Who?" I asked honestly.

"Just... Go listen to BTS will you?" He replied with a teasing glint in his eyes and his face parted with a bright grin.

My secret love for BTS was something only Charlie knew and he had teased me none stop for it. Behind the black walls of my room were posters of the boys. I was grateful to them, and I appreciated them. 

When my sister died, with my headphones on, I would listen to them nonstop, they took away the pain, the guilt and the hatred I had for myself and my parents. It may not be gone but now I could live with myself.

Of course Charlie helped too, we were there for each other, him figuring out his sexuality and me drowning in self hate.

I was there when he came out as bi to his mom, and he was always there when I got in trouble with my aunt for well everything.

I will really miss him, his silly jokes and amazing cooking.

Later that evening, I pondered on what Charlie said, I should enjoy my high school years it's what Evy would want for me, wherever she is.

But that means making an effort and that was one thing I'm bad at, other than being bad.

• Tyler's POV •

"So Tyler what was the inspiration behind you latest hit single, which may I say Is already breaking the charts " the lady sitting in front of me asked

I was at another late night show with yet another stuck up host with pennies for brains.

The studio was filled with adoring and screaming fans, all cheering for me, well the me they know or the me I lead them to believe was real.

Truth Is it's all fake, everything around me was fake, that I was starting to lose sense of reality.

"Well, me obviously " I replied a corky  grin etched on my face.

The audience cheered louder 

"Of course, so what would you say lead to your success today" she continued

"Well if you're as perfect or as handsome as me you'll always be successful" I replied sending a million dollar smile in her direction

The crowd went wild with screams and whistles.

And the interview continued with me repeating the same answers to the same questions I've rehearsed.

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Can't wait for the next updates!!! This is so great! I wish you could share any social media I could follow so I can send you lots of love!!

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