•27• Priscilla

It almost feels like I’m dreaming; this is so good to be true.

Gerrard Southerford likes me back?

I want to pinch myself awake right now, because if he keeps kissing me like this and I wake up later only to realise this is all just a dream, my heart’s not going to be able to handle it. 

I pull back from him a little, parting our lips. We’re both breathing heavily, but I swear it feels like in this moment, we couldn’t have been happier.

Resting my forehead on his as he leans his face closer to mine, I whisper, “Are you going to take me to your house wearing that?”

His brow furrows for a second, but when he understands that I’m talking about him wearing only an underwear and shirt, he laughs softly, pecking me on the lips again.

And although we’ve just kissed, his soft peck still gives me butterflies all over my body.

”If that’s what you want,” he grins

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