Shiva's pov

I left the restaurant without looking anyone especially Navi. I bumped into someone. I looked at her

Piya?? I called

She looked at me with surprise and happiness but in a fraction of second it changed into anger. She started to walk

Piya, I called her again. This time too she didn't wait

Piya I'm calling you, this time I said much louder

Who are you mister? She asked looking into my eyes

piya..., I said

Yeah it's me but who are you? She asked

I'm Shiva sissy, I said

Sissy?? I don't have any brother. So don't disturb me, she said and went straight into a restaurant

She's Piya right? Then why she's acting like this? I asked to Arjun.

He sighed put his hand on my shoulder

Let's go Shiva, he said

We went t

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