Chapter 46


After Olive left that day, I sent some guards after her to confirm she got home safely. I returned to my room to have some rest. I thought I would be able to sleep but I couldn't. I was bothered about Olive and wondered if she went home straight or visited somewhere else. I wondered if she was ok. I kept pacing around my too. Nigel did not show up too and I wondered if he was furious I did not stop Olive from leaving.

I waited for the guards to come back and tell me if Olive has gotten home or not. The guards returned some hours later to tell me she got home safely. They told me she wanted at a nearby bus station for an Uber to come to pick her up before she headed home. They said they had to wait for a while to be sure she wasn't going to leave the packhouse. After confirming, they had returned to tell me. Hearing that, I felt at ease.

It was good to hear that she has gotten home. I knew she needed time to sort things out. She needed time to heal up and I am re
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