Chapter 60

We were there when the elders made their final decision on Salvador and his accomplice. They were sentenced to death by hanging. Just what I wanted, though I would have preferred Salvador to be killed by me. But watching them being hanged, for the first time, I felt their punishment was too harsh. "They should have sent them away like before" I had thought as they closed their eyes to their final breath.

I do not know why I suddenly had compassion for them. They killed my parents, killed Ella's dad and some of our pack members lost their lives for their sale. They killed Nolan's parents too and other people that had lost their lives. Why should I have compassion for them?. Why should I feel sad that they were killed?.

I watched them being brought down and ready to be buried and I sighed. If I had killed them myself would I feel this bad?. Is this the reason Nolan stopped me from killing him?. Different thoughts ran through my mind as we returned home. I locked myself in my
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