Chapter 5


I walked into my training ground. I needed to do a little bit of training before going on this night's mission. We will be attacking the sunrise pack today, just like we did to the moon pack some nights ago, we will be doing the same to them. The training ground is located amid a deep forest, just a few distances away from the fire pack. A few of my guards were on stand-by. They were gathered across the forest not for security reasons though, cause I can take good care of myself but just to be on alert if there should be any invaders. Two were in the training ground with me. "Martins, take your position. You're training with me"

He bowed and walked closer to me. "Yes boss"

I position myself to get ready for attack. He also positioned himself as the fight began. The swords aggressively clashed with each other. Despite being good with the sword, I still admire Martins' skills. He is a trained fighter. He used to work with my dad before he di
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Man I thought his Luna was gonna turn out to be the ruthless alpha. That would’ve been awesome.

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