Chapter 13


I watched her leave in her car. Ella walked up to me. "I'm so sorry for what she said, Nolan. She doesn't mean any of those words. I'm sure she's drunk"

I smiled. Her words were hurtful and if I wasn't strong enough I would have taken it to heart but I did not. "Ella, you don't need to apologize. I'm used to her words"

Nigel scoffed. "Used to her words?"

I ignored him. "You should go home Ella, it's late". She nodded. "I'm so sorry we ruined your birthday"

She sighed. "I never wanted it anyway'

I smiled. "Sorry to make it up to you"

She nodded. "I will hold you to your words"

I smiled. "Sure"

"I should treat your wound before I leave"

"No thanks, Nigel will do that when we get to the packhouse"

Ella chuckled. "Are you the alpha of the fire pack like Nigel said?" She whispered

I wanted to say no, but Nigel spoke before I could. "Of course he is". He spoke with a hint of pride and I groaned.

I raised my hand. "Ella
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