Chapter 16

The guy kept screaming. I found pleasure in hitting him so hard until his mouth bled. Nolan drew me away from him. "What's your problem!!" He yelled and I flinched 

I batted my lashes, trying to calm my already boiling nerves. "I-i just saved you and all you could do is yell?". He Ignored me and I groaned. "I shouldn't have helped you. I should have let him beat the hell out of you"

He folded his arms. "I never asked for your help in the first place. I can take care of myself"

I scoffed. "Take care of yourself indeed". I pushed him aside and walked out on him. People kept staring at me. I growled and they scurried away.

"Olive?" Someone called. I turned to see Ella. She walked closer to me. "You're bleeding"

I furrowed my brows. "I'm not bleeding"

"You are". She pointed at my mouth. "See, your lips are swollen". I placed my hand on my lips and I felt a sharp pain. I groaned. I love to bite my lips when I am angry. I must have bitten it so hard. I r
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