33. Victory Sinclair’s New Life

Arthur leaned back into the leather carseat of his dark grey BMW with a deep sigh as his eyes scrolled the paper that he was holding in his right hand. A frown had wrinkled his otherwise smooth forehead and the muscle under his jaw was ticking in annoyance. 

Just like every other morning since the past two months, Gerald was driving him to court. Due to his wedding day fiasco, his company had been slapped by numerous lawsuits and today is no different. Every single day he would start the day in court and once that is done, in the afternoon he would be burrowed in his office with a team of lawyers trying to sort out the details and defence strategy for the next case.

One bloody court case after another.

His heart clenched painfully as he was reminded by the cause of his problems and a sneer unconsciously appeared on his lips. Swiftly pushing thoughts of his ex-fiancé aside, he shifted his focus to the details of today's court case. 

F. A. R.

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