49. Who is Liana Ricci?


Adrian called out excitedly to the petite, dark-haired girl who was standing next to Arthur as he bounded down the steps with open arms.

"It's been a year since I've last seen you! Now tell me, how are Leo and Luca?"

Liana hugged Adrian warmly, a huge grin forming on her face.

"Hello, cousin." She said as Adrian kissed her cheeks on both sides.

"Both Leo and Luca are doing great and they are planning to come and visit you soon. Sometime during the next term break, I think."

Liana looped her arm into Adrian's elbow and walked up the steps into the Knights mansion, leaving Arthur behind. Arthur shook his head at their retreating figures, both oblivious that they've left him behind. 

Liana is the youngest of the Ricci siblings. While Leo, short for Leonardo and Luca are identical twins, the same age as Adrian. Abigail's younger sister, Amber Knight had married an Italian, Luigi Ricci and chosen to live in Rome, Italy

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