Okay, Adom didn't think it would go this fast but his jeans didn't fit anymore... Adom tried to button his jeans and hold in his stomach, but that stomach wasn't tucking in. It was a little very small bump that had appeared on his usual flat belly. He sighed and wiggled out of the too-tight jeans and grabbed some sweatpants. This would have to do for now. It scared him a bit now that it was really visible that he was pregnant. The last weeks he had just tried to ignore it and he was just trying to live through the morning sickness and the unusual hunger attacks that he still had. It still all felt like a dream to him and he had thought he still had some time before he would really have to hide it. He was getting a little anxious now that the ultrasound was nearing and he would be really seeing what was inside of him. The appointment was in a few days already and the few weeks that had passed really had flown by. The time he had spent with Sebestian still felt like it was the f
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Hope the creepy guy leaves Adom alone… but probably not!

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