The day seemed like it just wouldn't end, they had been huffing trough their classes like some teenagers who hated the world. But finally, Adom slammed the door open from campus and strode off the front steps.

Jack running after him trying to keep up with Adom long legs.

"wait! No goodbye?" Jack wheezed out behind him.

"it's not like I'm leaving for 3 years." Adom laughed at an out of breath Jack and stopped in front of his bike.

"Let's grab a coffee before you go! You need to give me your notes from last week!" he said with wide eyes and a bit panicky.

So that's why he wanted to keep him here some more, Adom thought. He laughed and grabbed his bag pack and rummaged around in it to find the papers from last week. He had already finished his assignments and homework so he would have to worry about it when he went home. He found them and gave them to Jack who happily grabbed it from his hands.

"you're an angel. "Jack said and slapped his shoulder.

"Not like any alpha I've ever met! Not secretly some omega traits in you? Hahaha!"

Adom swallowed hard at that. He felt his heart rate spike up and his eyes darkened.

"just kidding! Just kidding!" Jack said defensively when he saw the look in Adom eyes.

"don't say such stupid things..." Adom murmured and swallowed away the heavy feeling. He forced a joking smile on his face as he kicked Jack  in the butt and opened his lock from his bike.

"see you in 2 weeks!" he said while driving off and waving at Jack.

"byyee!! And thanks!!! Miss you already!" Jack waved enthusiastically and jumped up and down. Some people gave him strange looks but Jack didn't give a care in the world. This was just the way he was. Adom looked back and grinned. Before he sped off to his apartment to pack.

When he got home, he got a call from his mother to confirm that he would come that day and he reassured her he would not be late for the bus that he had to take to get there. He grabbed his bag and pushed in some clothes and necessities before he grabbed his jacket and looked at his watch. 30 min. to spare. He checked everything and almost forgot his suppressants and walked back into the bathroom.

It would be hell if he forgot those! He didn't want to think about what would happen when he would ever forget to take them. He had never experienced it though and he wanted to keep it that way. He took some painkillers for his headache before he walked to his front door.

Looking back, he checked if everything was in place and turned off the lights in his apartment before he locked his door behind him and pushed the keys in his pockets.

Let's go home!  

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