Chapter 11

I left my room, sure of myself and the decision I had made. My hands were sweating, and my breathing was agitated. I tried to control myself, taking deep breaths; I would not let him realize what he was provoking in me.

Despite my young age, I was always a strong character with Maximo, and I let my guard down; his gaze captivated me. His words and body made me feel things I had never experienced before.

I was stupid to let myself go, but now I have thought things through; thanks to what my mother told me, I think I know what I have to do. I have to be loyal to myself and no one else.

I walked towards the garden, where Maximo would be waiting for me.

 I could see him walking from one side to the other;  he was nervous and held his hands to his hair. Which looked quite messy, possibly because of the pressure he was feeling at the moment.

He is so handsome, how not to be i

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Jennifer Kihm
repeat of chapter 9

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