Chapter 17

There was the sound of two bodies pounding against each other, followed by loud moans and a woman screaming in ecstasy.

—!Yes, baby!! Bruno, don't stop, baby, fuck me!—Chantal screamed; I loved to hear the women screaming while I was penetrating them hard as I liked it.

—!That's the way I like it!; I want to hear you screaming my name! —I told her, while I accelerated my movements, I was about to come, I couldn't take it anymore.

Until in a few seconds, she screamed with pleasure, saying my name, —!Bruno!— and I screamed, releasing myself inside her; with force, I got out of her and threw myself next to her, feeling how I tried to stabilize my breathing.

—That was incredible, like every night, my love,— said Chantal, and listening to her, I rolled my eyes in disapproval; for me, this was just sex.  I have told her a thousand times. Ap

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