Chapter 86

New Mexico became Levi's new home. While keeping his true identity hidden, he's enjoying his brand new life. Working at a meat factory, he also maintained his relationship with the child he helped. They always meet every night in front of the kid's house. They would eat snacks, and exchange stories.

Even the kid's parents met Levi, and loved him immediately. He felt like having his parents back. Feeling the love of a mother, and a father, who would give advice about life. Being born as a privileged kid made him blind to the struggles of people born in the lower class of society. It made him think that life is always easy, and that everyone always has a choice.

"Carl, come on, shift's done. Time for some booze."

Carl is the name that Levi chose to be his new name. It's far different than his true name, and he even grew his beard to change his appearance. It's not that he's afraid of getting caught. He just enjoys his life so much that he doesn't want it to end. T

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