Chapter 91

Gonzalo's POV

My life has always been made of violence, power grab, drugs, guns, repeat. My childhood was never anything normal. My violent training, seeing dead bodies at a very young age. Hell, I've never even experience my mom own father telling me that he loves me. It's only been my mother who was always there for me.

Every woman that I loved left me. The first woman I loved practically died in my arms from the gunshot that my own father fired. The only woman who loved me through all my flaws died of illness, and after so many years of barricading myself with violence, power grab, drugs, guns and manipulation, I fell in love again.

Only this time, it feels like I'm dying everyday. Since I learn her true identity, I felt like being shot in the heart a million times over. I told myself that I would never love again. That I will never let myself get hurt again. But here I am, inside my room, trying to tell myself that I could go back to normal even though I can

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