Chapter 98

Violet's POV


It was a nice morning, when I noticed this light reflection coming from the garden of the vacation house. I acted as if I didn't see it so I can come up with a plan. Our men can't know about whoever is it that is watching us. If our men would realize what I know, they would be on high alert.

"Gilbert, what do we have for breakfast?" Gilbert looked at me like he knows something. I've always known that Gilbert was the traitor, but Franklin wouldn't listen to me. He was so keen on believing that Gilbert was one of his loyal men.

"Chelsey cooked some fried rice and bacon." He responded.

On my way to the kitchen, I saw a glimpse of a man hiding in the bushes. I knew we were being watched, but I didn't realize that they were this many. The the moment I saw one of them, I was able to figure out where the others are. They are not here to watch us, they're here to kill us.

Before I got the chance to tell our men about t

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