Chapter 113

The beginning of an all-out war between the Maxfords and Gonzalo, against Santiago Valenzuela. As soon as Patricia arrived home, she immediately told them about her plans. Franklin overly disagreed with her plan, in fact his reaction was violent. He doesn't want his daughter to be involved in anything that could put his daughter in harm's way.

What shocked Patricia is that both her mother, and her Uncle Alexander agreed. Her father's reaction was more than just surprised. He was furious that they spoke up against him. Alexander having a different perspective is not new to him. But, his wife standing up against him is another story.

"This is ridiculous! You don't know how dangerous Santiago Valenzuela is. And you, the two of you. Are you really just going to agree with all this? Don't you even care about her safety?" Franklin kept complaining.

"Franklin, you're daughter is a grown woman. She can make her own decisions. She's not a six-yea-old girl that needs y

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