Chapter 118

From Patricia's perspective, life became so much easier. Because of Gonzalo, she and her son get to enjoy the wonderful New York life. Her son now has three nannies and his driver. Patricia no longer lives with Tasha. Gonzalo took her in and made her a kept woman. Many of their co-workers at Xfactor envy her for having such luck in her short stay at the club. Some of them have been working as a stripper for a decade and has never even had the chance to find a decent man.

"Patricia? Hey, focus." Rick tapped Patricia's face a few times, but she was staring at the wall. She is awake but lost in her world. "Patricia, come on."

"Leave her," Gonzalo commanded.

"Damn it," Rick whispered. He had no choice but to leave Patricia on the couch. When he introduced Patricia to his boss, he wanted to be on his good side to earn more money. He knew Patricia for quite a while, and he was so sure that Gonzalo will like her. But never even in his wildest dreams that he thought thi

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