Chapter 121

Early in the morning, one of Gonzalo's servants knock on their bedroom door. There was a delivery dropped off at the gate addressed to Gonzalo's name. It was a sealed long wooden box, only larger than a coffin by one or two inches. Nobody touched it yet, because they were all waiting for the two bosses to come down.

A putrid smell is coming out from the box, and all of them are too familiar in such smell. The moment Gonzalo and Patricia came down to the living room, they immediately gave the order to open the wooden box. And, no matter how strong their stomachs are, seeing what was the content of the box rattled them.

"Oh, God! That's Benson." One of their men exclaimed.

"I'm going to skin those bastard alive!" Another one yelled out of anger.

"Calm down, boys. This is a good thing. He is running on blind rage, and his tripping. A rabid animal is easier to hunt because they don't have strategy anymore. They are working on rage."

"Does that mea

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