Chapter 37

For four days, Patricia and Gonzalo have been nothing but happy. It's the longest time that they haven't fought about anything. And Patricia feels great about it. Nothing is happening between them night. Unlike before that, they will only be together in one room if they will have sex. These past four days, all they did is cuddle, talk about Tommy, and sleep.

"Good morning." Gonzalo greeted Patricia happily before his left hand found her chin and make her look at him. "Gorgeous," Gonzalo said before kissing her lips.

Patricia's face flushed red when she saw everyone around them. Either their eyes widened in shock or they are forcing themselves not to smile. All she could do was look away. Gonzalo may have been sweet and attentive to her these past few days but he has never kissed her in front of anyone.

"Stop smiling, Darryl. You look like an idiot." Gonzalo said while walking towards the kitchen. Darryl's face suddenly became serious as he scratches the back of

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