"Honey, if this will be going around I suggest you just pause coming here for some time till things cool off" Carried said and I roll my eyes. I look at the girls around before coming to a conclusion that Rose wasn't near before speaking. 

"I can't ask her to quit her job, Carrie. Even if I don't see myself liking it for her. I can't tell her what to do. I just have to make sure she is untouchable. I cannot take any chances"

She chuckled.

"Just tell me you fancy her" I clenched my jaw. Giving her a warning stare about never to speak about it again. Then walked out the door but feeling rather tied in my head. Was that the reason I wasn't to protect her at all cost ?

Did I like Rose? I wanted no man near her and no women to be pulling her into any serious problems I just couldn't stop thinking about her. I wanted her, I wanted her all to myself. 

"Kaden, We have a problem" I look at Max. My eyes turning towards my men.

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