The Traitor

The werewolves arrived at the Witch of the West where Claire, the psychic, lives. The alpha seems to like visiting her almost every day. She was able to drive the vampire child to the other side. That means that they will be trapped forever.

Claire also directs Count Gregory and the grim reaper to the dark cave. It's not easy for anyone to deceive them. She was also able to send the monsters to the ghost bride so she will not talk anymore. It's a perfect plan to avoid the prophecy.

"Claire, my dear! Any updates about the vamps?" The alpha werewolf asks her.

"There's none, my love! I told you, I already sent them to their death." Claire replied and received a kiss from him.

"Good girl! I think that the prophecy will no longer happen now." The alpha werewolf feels satisfied.

Claire smiles for him sweetly and they go inside her room. She's a good actress indeed when the vampire and grim reaper visited her. They didn't eve
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