Chapter Ten

The last class for the day is Biology. I kept on twitching and turning uncomfortably in my seat because he wouldn't look away. He concentrated so much on me like no one else exist.

"Mr. Moon," the teacher called. "I can see you've found yourself something more interesting than my class to get busy with," Mr. Railey, the biology teacher said, pausing his lecture to face the creepy guy who was startled. He quickly turned to his front with a faked serious look on his face but Mr. Railey wasn't fazed by his pretense.

"Not so fast Lucian!" I caught you already." He said in a strict tone. "Can you explain to the whole class what you found interesting on Miss Croston's face?" He asked and some chuckled, but Mr. Creepy didn't respond, he sat unmoving on his chair, still trying to keep a straigh

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