Chapter 4

The whole morning, Yara spent her day by answering the phone, scheduling clients' meeting, looking for files, etc. etc. But she was used to it. Her previous works were just the same as now. And these things are not new to her.

The clock hit 12 noon, meaning, it's lunchtime!

"Yara, come, let's go to the third floor and have our lunch." Kairo said. "Yeah, it's your first day so we're treating you." Kylo said. "And we don't accept a NO for an answer." Buster said. Yara doesn't have a choice so after arranging her table, she stood up and walked towards her bosses who were patiently waiting for her.

Before Kairo could open the door, Kenzo's door opened. "Are you all leaving me here?" Kenzo asked. His three friends furrowed their forehead. "Are you eating with us?" Kylo asked. "Yeah, can't I eat with you?" Kenzo said. "But you're always out for lunch, we can count how many times you're eating with us and that's, once in a blue moon." Buster said. Kenzo started to walk towards them. He glanced at Yara and said, "Once in a while, I want to taste the meals they're serving here." Kenzo said and went out first.

Because it was eating time, the food court at the third floor was jammed pack so they waited for others to finish up. All eyes were on them. "My gosh, they were all drop dead gorgeous especially Engineer Kenzo." One of the female nurse in the medical clinic said. "Yeah, but the new secretary is also beautiful. I envied her. She's just like the female lead in "Cinderella and the Four Knights." The laboratory assistant said. "Yeah, a Beauty but not with the Beast but with the Kings Of Handsomeness." The medical secretary said and they all sighed deeply.

While they were waiting, a lawyer from the law firm walked towards them. He's known to be a man with the highest ego. A man that feels he's the handsomest of all. A narcissist, arrogant, but they can say, he's a talented lawyer.

"Hello there! I can't bear to see that a beautiful lady is standing while we're all sitting and enjoying our meal. There's an empty seat in our table, it will be my pleasure if you could join us." The man said that made the four men raised their brows.

"It's ok Mr...?" Yara said. "Oh, I'm sorry. Seeing a goddess makes me forgetful. I'm Attorney Spike Martin. And you are?" Spike said smiling and offered a handshake that Yara accepted as respect. "I'm Secretary Yara. Nice to meet you Attorney Martin." Yara said and tried to let go of her hand from Spike's grip but she failed. Spike tightly held Yara's hands.

"Your hands are so soft. Being a secretary is not suitable for a belle like you." Spike said. The four men were used to Spike's boastfulness and they only let it slide but it's different now especially for Kenzo.

Kenzo wanted to pull Yara and take her away from Spike but he knew that it will only create a commotion. He breathed deeply and stepped forward to talk to Spike but Yara suddenly pulled her hand from Spike's grip.

Spike was shocked but never let it show. "This girl is interesting." Spike said to himself and smiled to Yara.

"Im sorry, you're hand is like a magnet that I don't want to let go." Spike said. Yara smiled bitterly. "It's ok Attorney Martin and I'm sorry. My hand is in pain because of your grip and if I will not pull it, it may cause damages to my nerves." Yara said that made the four of his bosses smiled.

"Attorney Martin, I think your friends were done with their meal. I don't want to be rude but thank you for your offer but I will stay with my bosses for lunch." Yara said that made Spike smirked. "Ok, but next time, I won't take NO for an answer." Spike said and left them.

The four men laughed. "Good girl!" Kairo said and gave a high five to Yara. "Nice one!" Kylo said and gave a high five too. "You shocked me!" Buster said and the third high five was given to Yara. Kenzo passed by them when he saw a vacant table. The rest of them followed.

"It's on us so just sit there and wait." Kairo said. "I'll accompany her, there are still lions on this den." Kylo said looking at the medical doctors who are looking on their side. The three men proceeded to the buffet set. "I'll get food for Yara." Buster said. "She doesn't eat beef. Her favourite is pasta." Kenzo said. Kairo and Buster looked at him with puzzlement in their faces. "She's my ex sister, remember?" Kenzo said and the two men nodded but they felt that there's something amiss but put it at the back of their minds.

"I'll pay." Kenzo said and the two men, again looked at him. "Are you sick, bro?" Kairo asked. "It's on me for the first time and there will be more if you would only stop questioning me." Kenzo said looking at his two friends with narrowed eyes. "Ok, ok, no more questions." Buster said and Kenzo smiled.

After returning to their table, Kylo stood up and get his food. When he returned, he looked at his friends. "Who's the good samaritan here?" Kylo asked. Kairo and Buster pointed Kenzo using their lips but signaled Kylo not to say anything about it. Each of them wanted a free meal everyday.

Yara is sitting near the window, beside her is Kylo, Kairo is beside the latter. Infront of Yara is Kenzo, Buster is beside the latter. The three men are busy talking about their projects. Yara is quietly eating her meal. When she raised her head to look around, she saw Kenzo staring at her. They looked at each other for quite a while, Yara was the first one to look away. Kenzo smiled.

"Ken, you're be out of town next week, right?" Kairo asked. "Yeah." Kenzo said. "Are you sure you can handle it by yourself? You know we can't accompany you because we had our scheduled appointments too." Kylo asked. Kenzo looked at Yara who was looking on her food. "If Secretary Yara could accompany me, that would be a great help." Kenzo said that made Yara looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Is that ok with you Yara? Kenzo would be a busy body there and using a hand can make things easier for him." Buster said. "How about my work in the office?" Yara asked hoping that  she could back out. "They can handle everything even without your presence. Our previous secretaries are also accompanying each one of us so coming with me is part of your work Secretary Yara." Kenzo said. "Then why you hired me when you can handle everything?" Yara said to herself.

Yara raised her brow because she felt the sarcasm in Kenzo's words. "Ok, Sir Vasquez, because I'm your secretary, I would gladly assist you next week!" Yara said. "That's good, thank you!" Kenzo said and stood up. "I'll go first, I'm already full." Kenzo continued and gave a glare to Yara.

The three men were shaking their heads and their thoughts are the same, "They are both childish."

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