Chapter 15

"Dream have you seen my love letter?" Kenzo asked smiling. "Yes, Dad, and I love you too." Dream said with a bright smile on her face. Yara and Sky smiled too, hearing the father and daughter tandem.

"Dad, did you know that mom was bitten by a huge insect?" Dream said innocently. "Really? Where?" Sky asked curiously. "In her lips." Dream said. "Let me see." Sky said and unbuckled her seatbelt and looked at Yara. "Oh, does it hurt?" Sky asked. Yara wanted to pinch Kenzo. He was smiling widely. "No. Go back to your seat." Yara said and Sky followed. "How big was it?" Sky asked. "Yeah, how huge was the insect?" Kenzo asked with a teasing tone but Yara frowned.

"Stop the car!" Yara said. "Why?" Kenzo asked. Yara didn't spoke and just looked at him with an angry face. "Ok, ok, I'm sorry." Kenzo said. But Yara gave him an angry squint. The girls at th

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