Chapter 6

Flora’s P.O.V

Everything around me seemed to disappear, as if we were the only two people in the world. My heart was beating wildly inside my chest, but I didn’t understand why. I felt a pain in my chest, a strange kind of longing.

The red took a step forward and I instinctively flinched back, making it halt with its paw mid-step. My eyes once again connected with the red rimmed gold of its iris and I saw confusion swirl in them.

The wolf wasn’t just a rogue, but a powerful one. I could feel its strength by the way he held his body, even in wolf form. And the shove of power I got from him was very similar to Malachi’s…the power of an Alpha. But how could that be? How could an Alpha become a rogue?

Suddenly, I saw flashes of images dance in front of my eyes.

A red wolf chasing me across the forest. I was running away from it, as fast as I could. The sun was setting in the horizon but there was no s

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