Chapter 22

Flora’s P.O.V

“Flora…Argentine? ReedStone Pack?” Emma looked at the paper then towards me, before turning her attention back to the papers again. “They knew?”

I felt my hands and feet go numb from the shock of it all.

Yes, Malachi knew, that much he had made clear to me the night I got my memories back. But this room? This section? These all fell under Ezra’s jurisdiction.

She knew! She had known all along!

My knees gave out and I fell to the floor at an awkward angle and if it weren’t for both Emma and Daphne’s quick response, I would’ve fallen onto the files, crumbling the fine paper.

“Flora!” Both women said at the same time, settling me down properly against the back wall so I didn’t risk falling over once more.

“They knew…” I whispered to my friends, once I was able to speak past the knot in my throat. It was difficu

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