Chapter 41

Ezra’s P.O.V

“Till now, we have been made to believe from birth that the Moon Goddess, the creator of all werewolves, had given us a blessing…a chosen mate who is born just for us.” I looked at my Maidens as I spoke, as I laid out my heart and hoped for the best. “But even us wolves have a heart. A heart…that sometimes has a mind of its own and that wants to make choices even though it might not be the right one.”

“Four centuries ago, when Lindersay castle hadn't yet been constructed…a war broke out between two rival packs. The Lindersay wolves and the WoodlandHunters.” I told the Maidens, remembering those days like it had only been yesterday. “The war started for very obvious reasons; because the wolves wanted more territory, more power and also because the packs worshipped two separate Goddesses. Lindersay worshipped the Goddess Selene and WoodlandHunters worshipped Artemis, the Go

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