Chapter 51

Flora’s P.O.V

Clay and I hid behind one of the forest giants at the very edge of the grassland, peeking from behind the trunk so as not to get caught. Clay’s pack was right behind us, hiding in the grass and behind boulders or tree trunks. We were ready to attack.

But what we saw happening in the open had us speechless.

Andre slashed at Ezra’s arm with a dagger and held a clay jar under the spray of blood. Ezra yelped in pain, but Andre didn’t care. He was collecting her blood, for the Blood Moon ritual.

“Stay here.” Clay warned me. “I’ll try to sneak up on him while he is distracted.”

I wanted to protest, but that was probably the only way to help Malachi and Ezra now. Clay’s scent had changed now that he was no longer a rogue, as had the scent of the rest of his packmates, but Andre would recognize my scent easily.

“Be careful.” I whispered.


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