Chapter 12

We walk around the town, anything to try and pick up her scent. I have been searching for so long now, it has been hours and all I have done is hit dead ends. With the somewhat modern times, I am surprised looking at this town. These witches really must be isolated! Everything in this town has the look and feel of something straight from the middle ages. I feel as if I am on the set of a Lord of the Rings movie.  There are small craft shops, baker shops, butcher shops, and an alchemy store. The roads are either cobblestone paved or gravel. It is as if this town was built centuries ago before America was founded, and preserved over time. How in the hell have they stayed so well secluded and away from the public eye? How does the U.S. Government not know of their existence? They are not magically sealed, if they were, Charles and I would not have been able to walk up here.

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