Chapter 15

It's been several months now but, I still remember that day when I laid siege to the Witches Kingdom. I thought I would feel "the joy of sweet revenge" but, I felt absolutely nothing. My only short-lived joy was knowing I had finally caught Bathilda, only for it to die after our battle, her sly maneuvers that outdid me, only for her to disappear into the water below. I truly miss Garrett, I never learned what happened to him. I went back several times for a whole year after the hunting trip and never found his body. I had no idea if those freaks ate him or buried him. They did not burn him, there was no smoke…He had just vanished.

I am thankful looking back that I found Victor and made a friend. I thought he would have contacted me after I dropped him off at the "Sirens Call". I never expected him to separate from me so soon. I checked in with Maria and to my surprise, he met one of the girls there who is also a Vampire. She is studying Medicine at "Parkside Univer
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