Chapter 26

I remember that was one of the longest days of my existence. Molly and I endured the long drive back to Liverpool in grief-stricken silence. Neither of us talks about what happened. The tension and bitter emotions in the car were suffocating. Somehow, what had started as a family camping trip turned into tragedy. I racked my brain trying to understand what the Fuck went wrong! We stopped at a service station to fill up on gas. I made my way inside to buy some chocolate for Molly, she cried her eyes dry as she slept during the drive. I know how it is to lose a parent, nothing will except time dulls the pain. I am grateful to be here with her, no one should suffer it alone. 

In the following weeks, I had informed her parents about the accident. I had met her father once at Molly's Graduation. I only wish life did not go this way. Lucinda made bad choices by excluding her family without giving a legitimate reason now, she is lost to them forever. Their comfort and mine are
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