The party concludes until nightfall, the rulers had to return to their lands to fulfill their obligations; the only people who stay in the palace are the red-haired prince that I have forgotten and Satoshi.

I am exhausted, my feet hurt from standing in those uncomfortable shoes, although it was worth it to put them on, they are jade these shoes and it is complete waste not to wear something so beautiful.

The sky seems to be sad, the gray clouds and raindrops are getting stronger and stronger; I am on the porch in front of the backyard admiring the rain after a long day of partying, besides I am worried, I feel like telling my father that I don't want the wedding with that young man, from the first impression I feel that he is not the kind of person everyone thinks, besides my feelings have always been for Satoshi, definitely my father has a bad taste.

Suddenly the feeling that someone is watching me slowly consumes me, I feel very anxious; I look in all directions, but I can't make out anyone, except that I manage to notice a small shadow that was behind the wall; I'm starting to get scared. Suddenly the touch of a hand touching my shoulder, makes me jump.

"AH!" I scream, I turn my face, it's Satoshi "Ah ... It's you..." I sigh in relief.

"I'm sorry, it's just that you seem to be distracted, is something wrong?" he asks worried.

"No, it's just... I haven't been able to tell my father that I'm not going to marry that weird prince."

"Hiroki?" he corrects me remembering his name, I nod looking back strangely where I feel the penetrating gaze, but the shadow is gone.

"Are you sure you want to tell him?" he asks doubtfully. I nod a couple of times trying to ignore him.

"I'm going to tell him right now... I really don't want to lose you..." I take him by the face and give him a little kiss on the cheek remembering the fountain and the kiss we gave each other, his eyes shine like mine, although he looks a little worried.

I start looking for my father in every corner of the castle, until I find him in the library with the general, they look very serious and stressed, they are looking at map scrolls, the little I hear behind the door is about going to investigate the city Kyra; I guess it's a very important matter, but I'm not really interested and I enter without notice.

My hands are freezing cold and my heart is beating so fast that I feel like I'm going to go into cardiac arrest at any moment or simply burst out of my chest.

"What is it, my daughter?" asks my dear father. I give a long sigh feeling a huge lump in my throat and my mouth starts to tremble.

"I want to talk to you about something very important..." I start to sweat, feeling a kind of burning all over my stomach, rising up to the pit of my stomach.

We leave the library very quietly or at least I do, it only provokes me to run away and not say anything, but that means losing Satoshi forever and I honestly can't let my cowardice win me over and just give up.

"Tell me my girl, what do you need?" he smiles. My hands sweat so much in cold that they looked like I had washed a couple of times in the sink, my body trembles and my lips don't want to open.

"I want to..."I stop myself hoping to calm down and not vomit due to the stress that at this moment my body wants to reject with nausea what I ate at the party. My father raises an eyebrow somewhat intrigued since always what I ask him has never been nervous, he always gives me what I want. "Come on Naomi you can" "I want to .... Marry ... To... Satoshi" I blurt out almost stammering, my body shaking so abruptly. My father frowns very serious and in his look he is no longer the sweet father he always used to be with me, his look is so withering that he just scolds me and makes me feel so small.

"No," he said curtly, "I won't let you marry Satoshi." are curt with his words that still leaves me surprised, I knew he would probably say no, but this tone he has never used with me.

"But father... I don't want to be subjected the rest of my life with a person I don't know, I don't even know his intentions" I sobbed, I wail with tears of anger that suddenly consumed me for not fulfilling my wish- It's not fair....

"No and period" he scolds me so harshly, my father has never reprimanded me in this abrupt manner "I have given you everything you have wanted what more do you want from me?" He looks at me very annoyed, I simply burst out of sadness and pain.

"I want to marry him!" I insist claiming "please ... Fulfill this last wish" he took my face with his delicate hands.

"My child... I simply cannot grant your wish no matter how much you want me to," he said gently, brushing away one of my tears with his hands. Indignant and sad, I leave the throne room with my eyes soaked. I reach the backyard, I lean on the wet fountain after the heavy rain a while ago, I spill every crystalline drop, which as it went down to my corners tasted like a bitter salt

"why can't he deliver?" I mentally ask myself. Thunder rumbles loudly, it was the perfect weather for this feeling. Suddenly I feel the touch of a delicate hand caressing my hair; I turn my face confused.

"Satoshi..." I whisper and I throw myself to give him a very sad hug to feel his comfort.

"I see that your father told you no, didn't he?" I nod very disconsolate "Then it will be my turn to go to plan B..." he said very serious without adding anything else, I lose myself for a moment, I look at his very serious face.

"Plan B?" I ask him confused without being able to understand his words.

"I'm sorry" he said curtly, suddenly I feel like hit in my stomach with force so strong the pain and without air, leaving me completely immobile, my sight was lost and my eyes close little by little until I fall down and faint.

"What happened?", everything is black and I can't dream, I wake up little by little with the sudden and unconscious sensation of being tied and not being able to move freely, it seems realistic; as if I were tied from hands to feet. I feel with the movement of the air that I am loaded like a sack, my stomach still hurts from the horrible blow and my head is dazed.

My eyes began to move, until they opened slowly, very confused. I am being carried on the shoulder of a person, he has a soldier's uniform, this person is very big and tall, he is a nail and I can't distinguish very well who he is, I only know that on his neck there is a huge scar.

"What? ..." I whisper without realizing what is happening, I try to remember what just happened, until I remember the last thing that happened, which was Satoshi's fist. Then in a quick lapse of time I realize that I am really tied up and that they want to hurt me "somebody help me!" I scream loudly waiting for someone to untie me and get me away from this man  "Satoshi!"

"SHUT UP!" recasts this man. We reach the front yard. I am thrown to the ground roughly as if I were manure, I hurt my arms, legs and back, they also ruined my dress with dust and dirt. I turn my face with much terror and I notice that my father is next to me, very hurt, he has a horrible bruise on his right eye, he is tied in the same way and he no longer has his emperor's crown, I can't understand what is happening or if it is a nightmare.

"Dad? ... Dad, what's going on?" I ask him very frightened  "where is Satoshi?" I start to feel that my breathing is failing and a pain is pressing all over my chest, I hate to see my father like this and to know who made such a blow or... blows.

"Here I am..." says a cold and masculine tone. Suddenly we saw how Satoshi comes out of the darkness in front of the porch being in the front yard and the main entrance coming down from the stairs with an icy look that I can't recognize, and to think that it's not really Satoshi standing in front of me, it's like he's lost in a freezing storm, in his eyes I could see the darkness itself.

"Satoshi..." I whisper. One of his servants passes him one of his father's (my uncle) swords; he takes it out of the sheath making a sharp noise, he approaches my father very seriously. The fear penetrates me completely just thinking that that sword is going to cut his head or pierce him, I see my father and he does not bother to cry, just look at the ground sad knowing what will happen next "Satoshi what are you doing? ..." I ask him with a trembling voice, he looks at me sideways, but just ignores me as if I were a piece of garbage "... don't you dare" I beg him already understanding why he wants to do what he is going to do with that sword. He frowns without listening to me.

"Daughter..." whispers my father  "I regret not having given you the happiness you wished for..." he concludes with a small tear on his face looking at his face so sad that it breaks my soul to see him this way, I feel how everything moves so slowly but at the same time so fast that I don't realize what is happening or if I am just dreaming.

The traitorous sword is thrust into his body, from his stomach to his sword completely staining his clothes with fresh blood and the sword draining. I can't believe it, my eyes open as if they want to come out of their sockets, tears flow one by one, the blood is so fresh that the smell of it permeates the air, time stands still in just that moment "Satoshi...", I get lost in Satoshi's cold eyes staring into my father's, my dear dad spitting his blood and a tear on his face . It is shocking to see how his blood was splattered all over my being and to see that the one who did such a barbarity.

"I am dreaming ... This is just a dream ..."; I am completely paralyzed remembering that I did not apologize, that I did not value him, on how it is possible for the love of my life to do this barbarity to me and to know that now it is my turn. My face is splattered with this fresh blood and see how it drips all over the floor, see my father fall on the dirty floor of the crimson liquid.

"father..." I whisper  "father!!!!" I exclaim with a high pitched shriek with tears of intense pain, I don't need Satoshi to clve me that sword, this pain is as if he already does. Satoshi approaches me wielding the sword.

"Forgive me..." he whispers, he raises the sword with all his strength, I close my eyes not to keep seeing the face of the most treacherous man in the whole planet hoping that at this moment my life will end.

My mind starts to show me memories of everything I have lived, of all the moments with Satoshi and how I never valued my dear father and now my last memory will be watching him die, in every dirty lie and thinking that he really loved me, but I don't feel anything, not even a dive, I still breathe fear and I still feel the drops of blood, the breeze and the wet floor. I only hear a metallic noise clashing with each other. I open my eyes slowly. In front of me I notice a totally different figure; it was a young man with red hair covering his back. In his hands he wields another sword and avoids Satoshi's attack by protecting me with his maneuver ...

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