Chapter 14


“What do mean they aren’t home?” I asked wide eyed. The men and I just got home from finishing our business at the club only to find out that both Kiara and Maddie weren’t home.

“They went out a while ago boss, Mrs. Kiara’s guards came and picked them up…”

“And you just let them go?” Vladimir asked running his fingers through his hair. How the hell could they be as reckless as to go out when they know that every dangerous man was in town? Not to mention without bothering to call or tell us where they went to at least know where they are.

“They went to get their hairs and nails done Nikolay, they asked me and I told them that they can go” mom said walking down the stairs upon hearing my loud tone. My eyes snapped in her direction and mom raised an eyebrow at me. Nodding at the maid to leave my sight, I looked at mom who crossed her arms over her chest “they are not chil

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