Chapter 38


I paced around the bedroom as I waited for Kiara to come back from the living room.

I knew that I promised Ivan not to interfere in whatever they were going to be saying or whatever conversation they were currently having. But fucking hell was this getting harder.

The door to the bedroom was knocked snapping me out of my daze as I turned to find the door opening and Kiara walking inside. Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she instantly ran toward me, wrapping her arms around my neck taking me off guard as I pushed her away to look at her in fear that he had hurt her. I would kill him if he did.

“Are you okay? Did he say anything that bothered you? Kiara, I swear if he did a bullet would…” Kiara stopped me by connecting our lips. Her hands cupping my cheeks as she ran her finger over my scruff. My arms instantly wrapped around her waist as I pulled her closer somewhat deepening the kiss before we pulled away to look at one anot

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