Book 2: Chapter 2

Drinking tea in the kiosk, Daeira received a confirmation of the attack that will soon befall in the Agartha. The Nazis' movements shall be dependent on her action in the palace. If she was deemed successful in isolating the king first, then everything shall fall according to the plans. 

For the invasion to happen, the strongest being in Agartha shall be removed first and the burden falls on her shoulders. 

"Here's your sweets, milady." One water nymph went in her direction with a tray in her hands.

With a quick smile at the creature, Daeira hid her darkening expression and received the sweets. "Thank you," she said and sipped on her cold tea.

"Perhaps I should heat it up for you, milady?" The nymphs asked, seeing it clearly losing its warmness.

"No need." Daeira snapped at the creature in impatience. She wanted to be left alone to plan carefully her next steps but these bloody nymphs won't let her be since the king left for some imp

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