Book 2: Chapter 19

Daeira had no idea if she should be thankful for the accompaniment of the strange guy or  what. But his presence definitely put her in a good mood as she was buying for groceries. Upon reaching the counter, she looked at the goods being ran into the scanner. She wasn't planning on buying much. Most especially for herself. Her stepmom only gave her enough for the groceries for that day and she got a little saving she kept hidden from them.

When the cashier said how much the bill was, she felt her throat dry when it went over the budget. 

"Here." the guy gave a black card to the cashier whose eyes glinted in astonishment at him. 

Of course Daeira what the black card entailed. Only 1% of Korea's population owned such.  And that one percent belonged to the richest of the riches. She secretly observed him and realized that she hadn't introduced hersel

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