Chapter 5 part 1

Leera had done something strange to her when she was taken into a bath again. She chanted while pouring some oils in the tub and those oils moved towards her skin like leeches. It absorbed on her every pore before she vomited something dark. There came tingling all over her body as if tiny electricity tickling her until she felt so sleepy. 

The next thing to follow, Daeira woke up on her own bed, tucked in by those silk blankets.  She sleepily blinked her eyes while turning on her sides. She wasn't aware of her surroundings nor think that she was in Agartha since she thought she might be dreaming all of it. The monsters, the angry bulls, the bulky-looking half-human goats, the beautiful nymphs, the hombre cats, and the...Aryan king, the frightening hybrid black dragon. 

Daeira lifted her eyes to the window and saw the large moon and its light streaming inside her room. Her ears were greeted with gentle waves of water as she slowly bolted

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