Chapter 10

Walking side by side, Daeira was telling him about her experience as a skater when he  asked her about it. They were headed towards another city, their last stop before they gonna  be back in the palace.

"It wasn't even easy at first. I literally hit my head in the ice and got hospitalized for..."  Daeira counted on her hands before lifting it towards the king. "...three days. But I didn't give  up even when my dad said it wasn't for me." 

"Then?" he turned to her.

"I escaped from the house to have a secret practice with my friend, Yuna. You should  have seen her. She was so good at skating and she taught me how to balance myself in the ice because she once saw me slamming my face hard in the cold ice." Daeira pointed to her forehead, "I once had a bruised over here and it shaped a heart." she giggled, "the ice  was in love with my forehead." 

The blue hunter as well as the red hunter had glanced

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