Chapter 19

An earth nymph had never bothered to knock on the bride's door, thinking that she had  reported to her class early in the morning. And as is the general case, when she cleaned her room, she went inside the large quarter and gone first to the direction of the bed only to be frozen on her spot seeing the Aryan king had joined his bride in bed. He slept with his arms wrapped to Daeira. She had her back against his chest, making him looked like hugging her from her behind. 

The nymph unknowingly smiled while biting her lower lip while she traced her way out the  bride's chamber. Getting out the door, she encountered Hakyi and Osiris waiting outside the door.

"Are they still sleeping?" Hakyi asked Kana, the earth nymph.

"Yes." Kana answered. "Maybe bring your business to the king later if it wasn't urgent." 

Osiris and Haky

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