Chapter: 47 (Escaping)

      "Hello, Ashi ma I am so sorry I shouldn't have come without informing you. I am very sorr..." Her sentence cut in the middle when she heard his voice and froze in her place. "Hello baby" his cold husky voice came out from another side. "You forgot me so soon. Very bad but I forgave you because I love you na. You know your lovely Ashi Maa is with me right now, don't you want to meet her? Huh!" He said mocking dangerously which made her shiver. 

      "It can't be you. You can't do this" she whispered horrified and started shaking in fear. "Of course baby, it's me, your Samar," he said laughing. "No...No" she whispered and shook her head. "Common now, don't waste time. I guess you don't want to see your Ashi ma ever again. Don't worry I will fulfill this wish of yours by ki... " she cuts him off with her shout. 

     "Samar," she yelled his name while a whimper left her mouth. "She didn't wrong you. Why are you

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