Groom of the goddess Artemis
Groom of the goddess Artemis
Author: Miss.Bunny_98

Authors Note

Hi, Future Readers. How are you guys? Hope you are all doing okay. Bless you!

I would just like to inform you guys that this is just a work of my imagination. Any character, schools, incidents or events are just coincident. Thank you! 

Mispelled, ungrammatical, boring or any suggestion? Please comment or send me a private message. Positive or negative comments are highly and wholeheartedly accepted.

Do you have any suggestions about my book or book cover? Suggestion for a genre for my next novel if ever? Beep me. It will be wholeheartedly appreciated. 

I*******m : bbyou.98

It's my first time writing a novel so bear with me. ūü•į


MissBunny ūüíú

-MissBunny ūüíú

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