Peek of orion's pain

APOLLO woke up and stretch his self. His eyes darted to the particular place where he recognize two figures sitting on  the bench with grocery bags. He brushed his teeth and went outside to help, but he rushed when he saw persephone was unconscious.

"What happen to her?" He asked to the lady who is beside persephone artemis. He doesn't know what happen to him, but when he see her, he unconsciously feel pain within. A pain that he can't explain. She look at him in the eyes. He can sense longing was written all over her face. He doesn't know her so as she. He chose to ignore whatever it is and decided to be mean to her.

"What are  you just going to stare me?" It was against his will to say mean words to her, but he can't help it. He doesn't like to be attached with her.

"She lose consciousness." She answered shortly. She look at persephone and brush her hair. "Why are you girls keep on fainting?" A

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